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    Since 2006 while raising nearly 30 sports dogs we have been searching for the best food for our pets. Over the years, we have tried various feeding methods and a variety of different brands of food and their combinations. After a few years we started exploring the BARF and RAW feeding methods and began making food for our dogs from raw meat. We raise and train internationally acclaimed dog sledding champions, so nutrition is one of the crucial components to achieve good results in international competitions. Of course to keep all our racing veterans healthy and long-lived, we researched which foods are the most natural and reduce the occurrence of age-related diseases. Natural raw meat food – that's where we found all the answers.

    Natural fresh food

    We genuinely care about our dogs' health and focus on the benefits that our food can offer to your pets. That's why you won't find any artificial flavorings, additives or synthetic vitamins in TOP DOG BISTRO foods. Our foods are balanced according to the principles of nature and evolution.

    Key International Achievements of Our Family:

    The year of 2018:

    • IFSS European Sleddog Championship in Nybro, Sweden – GOLD medal.

    The year of 2019:

    • IFSS World Sleddog Championship in Nybro, Sweden – BRONZE medal.

    The year of 2022: 

    • IFSS World Sleddog Winter Sport Championship in Hamar, Norway – Successfully earned two medals: SILVER in individual sprint racing and BRONZE in the mass start race.
    • IFSS European Sleddog Championship in Leipzig, Germany – SILVER medal.

    The year of 2023:

    • IFSS World Sleddog Winter Sport Championship in Asarna, Sweden – SILVER medal.

    Thank you for your trust and support!

    I. ir L. Daujotai, UAB Rogių Šunys