TOP DOG Bistro - feeding tips

  • Briefly about B.A.R.F.   


    The BARF diet is the most widely adopted natural feeding system among dog owners worldwide. This natural canine nutrition system is similar to a "homemade diet" consisting of raw, unprocessed meat, organs, bones and vegetables, fruits or berries. Inspired by the evolutionary diet of dogs the BARF diet focuses on numerous benefits related to the quality of life for your pet - fewer weight issues, improved digestion, a healthier coat and skin, strengthened immunity, good muscle tone and reduced inflammatory processes. 

       TOP DOG Bistro foods are crafted following the principles of the BARF diet!

    A bit of history

    Feeding raw food is often misunderstood as a new way to feed dogs. Dogs and cats have been nourished with raw food long before humans invented dry food. For millennia dogs and cats evolved by consuming raw, unprocessed food. Now, many argue that the domestication of the wolf (which led to the various breeds we have today) caused the dogs descended from it to diverge from their wild, meat-eating ancestors. While dogs have undergone significant external changes from their ancestors their internal anatomy remains the same. The shape of the skull, dental structure and the short thin and thick intestines all align with carnivorous animals.

    The slow method

                   If your pet's digestive system is sensitive we recommend the slow transition to raw meat feed. On the first day add just a small portion of raw meat to their regular food, increase it on the second day and continue this process gradually. Over the course of a week or even two gradually increase the proportion of meat, monitoring your pet's well-being and stool.

    Cats may take even longer to transition than the most sensitive dogs. Arm yourself with patience for the sake of the cat's health.


    The fast method

                Some dogs, especially young puppies, can quickly and easily change their eating habits and diet. You simply stop the old food one day and give small portions of raw meat the next day observing your pet's body reaction. We recommend giving a slightly smaller daily amount for the first time than you will in the future. If your pet has been eating only dry food for many years or has a very sensitive digestive system we strongly recommend making the transition to natural food in the SLOW METHOD.


    *Recommended feeding guidelines for TOP DOG Bistro can be found with each product description and on the packaging of purchased food.