Frozen BARF food for dogs and cats


    Frozen meat feed "TOP DOG Bistro" - is simply a natural pet food that contains only naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in nature.


    In our range of dog food you will find products with nine flavors. In all recipes, the predominant meat is indicated in the name and constitutes not less than 50%. To ensure a variety of nutrients, we have additionally included two different types of meat proteins so that dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages are happy and healthy. 


    All "TOP DOG Bistro“ recipes are balanced for dogs according to the BARF diet system. The food contains 80% muscle meat and by-products to ensure the presence of various amino acids, including taurine. It also naturally contains vitamins and minerals found in meat. A combination of 10% bones and other cartilage provides the necessary amount of calcium for healthy growth and development. The remaining 10% of our diet consists of a unique mixture of seasonal vegetables, fruits, and berries that our Lithuanian nature can provide.


    Price 51.60 
    BEEF and DUCK (6 pack)
    Price 50.40 
    More CHICKEN (6 pack)
    Price 47.40 
    More TURKEY (6 pack)
    Price 55.80 
    More BEEF (6 pack)
    Price 49.50 
    More LAMB (6 pack)
    Price 57.60 
    More WILD (6 pack)
    Price 62.70 
    Price 4.05  - 10.45