Food safety and product quality

    • Quality

    We purchase meat only from suppliers who can provide all quality certificates and official documents. We are well acquainted with our suppliers, maintain transparency in our processes and ensure traceability. 95% of all our used ingredients are suitable for human consumption.

    • Clean and Safe Processing

    All our recipes are produced in very small batches in clean and well-maintained food production facilities. Our company-owned production facilities are located in Kernavė. We adhere to these specific quality standards:

    1. We use only legal ingredients from reliable suppliers.
    2. We comply with the same laws, regulations and procedures related to the safety of human food products.
    3. Our production facilities and documentation are regularly inspected by the State Food and Veterinary Service (VMVT).
    • Quality Control Standards
    1. Standard Sanitary Operating Procedures
    2. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
    3. Safety and Self-Control (RVASVT) Program
    4. Food Laboratory Tests