More LAMB (6 pack)

  • More LAMB (6 pack)

    complete dog food "More LAMB"

    which is mainly made from lamb - up to 60%!

    *This food is suitable for ALLERGIC to chicken dogs! 

  • Lamb meat has a well-balanced amount of nutritional fats. If your dog is intolerant to certain foods or has allergies, this could be an excellent option for your pet. 


    Frozen raw meat and vegetable food for dogs, which contains

    Sheep stomachs, lamb trimmings, rabbit carcasses, sheep lungs, Baltic sprats, sheep liver, sheep kidneys, carrots, apples, pumpkin, spinach, broccoli, blueberries.

    Analytical constituents

    70% - moisture
    13,9% - crude protein
    12,4% - crude fat
    2,2% - crude ash
    0,8% - crude fiber

    100 g energy value 170 kcal

    1 food piece (160g) energy value - 272 kcal

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