BEEF for cats (16 pack)

  • BEEF for cats (16 pack)

    complete cat food with BEEF

    with beef as the main component - 80%

    *All our recipes contain several different proteins because we believe that our pets need variety.

    This product is portioned in cutlets which are packed in packs of 4.
    As many as you need - as many as you thaw! 

  • Beef trimmings, hearts, and other by-products rich in vitamins and minerals. Salmon and a touch of chicken for the final balance. For cats that enjoy red meat.

    Frozen raw meat food for cats, which contains


    Beef trimmings, beef hearts, salmon carcass, beef liver, beef kidneys, chicken backs.

    Nutritional value per 100 g:

    69% - moisture
    18,0% - crude protein
    10,5% - crude fat
    1,23% - crude ash
    0,7% - crude fiber 

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