CHICKEN for cats (16 pack)

  • CHICKEN for cats (16 pack)

    complete cat food with CHICKEN

    with chicken as the main component - 75%

    *All our recipes contain several different proteins because we believe that our pets need variety.

    This product is portioned in cutlets which are packed in packs of 4.
    As many as you need - as many as you defrost!

  • Chicken - an excellent source of protein rich in amino acids, crucial for supporting heart and skeletal muscle health. For cats that prefer a milder taste, our Chicken for Cats recipe is likely to be their top choice. Chicken is the main ingredient in the recipe - a source of lean meat and calcium (bone content). Everything is balanced with beef by-products and sprats to enrich the food with vitamins and minerals.

    Frozen raw meat food for cats, which contains


    Chicken meat, chicken gizzards, chicken backs, chicken hearts, Baltic sprats, beef liver, beef kidneys.

    Nutritional value per 100 g:
    70% - moisture
    14,9% - crude protein
    12,0% - crude fat
    1,15% - crude ash
    0,5% - crude fiber

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