More WILD (6 pack)

  • More WILD (6 pack)

    complete dog food "MORE GAME MEAT"

    which mainly composed of game meat - 50%.

    *This food is suitable for ALLERGIC (beef and/or chicken) dogs! 

  • Game meat patties are made from venison, roe deer and fallow deer trimmings, supplemented with duck, sprats, and a mix of vegetables and berries. This recipe is ideal for dogs with allergies as it does not contain chicken or beef protein, making it suitable for picky eaters.
    Perfect for active dogs or those needing to gain weight.

    Frozen raw meat and vegetable food for dogs, which contains

    Game meat (venison/roe deer/fallow deer trimmings), duck necks, Baltic sprats, duck livers, duck hearts, duck gizzards, carrots, apples, spinach, pumpkin, broccoli, blueberries.

    Analytical constituents
    64% moisture
    14,3% crude protein
    17,5% crude fat
    3,79% crude ash
    0,5% crude fiber  

    100 g energy value - 217 Kcal

    1 food piece (160 g) energy value - 347 kcal

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